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How The Bottles are Best Alternatives For Breastfeeding

April 25, 2018 Norbert 0

Choosing the best bottle for breastfed baby who refuses bottle is a tricky thing for mothers. These are definitely one of the most essential items that you may want to buy after delivery. Breastfeeding is advised as a basic necessity for each and every baby in the world but at some point, you will have to switch to bottles. It would give your partner a chance to bond with baby and you will get a much-needed break. Baby bottles always come in various shapes and sizes in the market and every bottle are made considering the preferences and likes of babies. There are various types of bottles which have different types of nipples and designs. In the initial stages, it is better to buy something with a small hole as your baby cannot swallow too much at a time. BPA free plastic bottles are the most used and recommended ones for babies everywhere. Glass bottles can also be used but they can break and they are heavy as well.

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